Get and Stay Younger Looking and Slow the Aging of Your Body – Nutritional Supplements Can Help

Are you aware that many of the diseases the American public gets can be prevented with nutritional supplements? Even the aging process can be slowed by having a good balance of nutritional supplements.

You may ask, “Why do I need nutritional supplements?” Most Americans have a hurried life style. This is evidenced by the number of drive through windows at the fast food restaurants. As a result, we do not eat a balanced diet. This is why food supplements are needed. Nutritional supplements do exactly what their name means. They supplement the nutritional value of our diets.

Eating a variety of meats, vegetables, and fruits is definitely encouraged. However…what is the nutritional value of our food? The nutritional value has decreased as we have refined and process our foods. Unless you grow your own, you need nutritional supplements to make up the difference.

Not having enough of the right vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants affects the ravaging effects of the aging process. Insufficient nutrition contributes to poor cardiovascular health, poor eyesight, and a weakened immune system. Good quality nutritional supplements can help in all these areas.

Radiation exposure, cigarette smoke, and exposure to sunlight are some factors. The nutritional supplements must contain the right ratio and quantity to be beneficial. Adding nutritional supplements to a well balanced diet and adding exercise to your routine will greatly influence how our bodies stay healthy. Good quality nutritional supplements can even affect the aging process.

We have seen advertisements about free radicals in diets lately. There is good reason for this. If free radicals are not neutralized they will ravage our body at every level. Nutritional supplements with antioxidants are needed to fight against these processes. The aging process in our bodies shows up in heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis to name a few. That is why our nutritional supplements must contain antioxidants.

Nutritional and health experts agree that the basis for a good cardiovascular system is a nutrient rich diet, exercise, cholesterol level monitoring, and watching of blood pressure. The nutritional supplements added to your diet will help all of these. Your nutritional supplements should contain a garlic extract. Garlic has been shown to be of greatly effect the cardiovascular system and has helped decrease the instances of cardiovascular disease.

Did you know that almost every eye disease that affects our vision CAN be linked to poor nutrition? Blood shot eyes, blurred vision, and nearly every irritation to our eyes can be prevented. The nutritional supplements you choose should contain Vitamins A, B, C, and E. You get these from of dark green leafy vegetables. Examples of these are: Kale, mustard, and collard greens. (I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take nutritional supplements that contain the nutrients than eat those leafy greens.) Orange fruits and vegetables like oranges are carrots are also sources.

I’ve named a few diseases nutritional supplements can help and prevent. I think these alone are reason enough for me to add nutritionally supplements to my diet. (I’m still working on the exercise part.) Nutritional supplements that you chose must contain sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Read the label and check the sources of the nutritional supplements you are getting.

Also, don’t just take single vitamins or minerals. Just taking one, vitamin, and or an antioxidant and ignoring all the others is not suggested. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the nutritional supplements work in concert to promote a healthy body.

Your health care provider can provide you with a list of those needed in your diet. Make sure your nutritional supplements have those, as well as sufficient quantities of others needed. Armed with all this information you can read the labels of the nutritional supplements you are considering (check several brands). Your health is too important for you NOT to check into these. Get a high quality (Pharmaceutical grade if you can) and you will be well on your way to eating and being healthier

Find a game plan, implement it, and STICK to it. I did! You can too.

Kids and Art Education – Who Needs It?

My guess, we’re all hard-wired to be creative.I don’t mean we all have the latent capacity to be the next Picasso or Haydn… rather a biological need to balance our brain. And creativity is the portal.I’ve been an artist all my life. Besides my freelance projects I spent years teaching art history and graphic design to middle-graders.To my astonishment, I noticed there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between forms of art and the activities of kids. Take, for example, the fact that Lynn Swann studied ballet as a kid. Surprised? Well, to see him on the football field should leave no doubt… balance, rhythm, leaping, timing. I noticed that students of mine who were Little League baseball pitchers were most often predisposed to be artistic. Kinda makes sense. A pitcher must develop awareness of perspective and the relationship of objects in space, not to mention cadence and timing (so valuable to musicians and dancers).These are just observations. But in this digital world where we seem to be straining the right side of our brains to the max I wonder about the left side, the creative side. The benefits may be subtle but who knows how many Lynn Swanns there may have been had a kid gone to ballet classes?Just some brain food to munch on.Suggestions:Check out your local museums for children’s art tours and weekend art programs just for kids. Also, your community college may offer summer art and crafts classes for kids. Your local library often offers art activities for kids and art fairs are great fun.

Launching Your Magazine Online Before Print Could Be a Savvy Decision

It used to be that launching a new magazine required vast amounts of seed capital. All the normal expenses of any new business with one daunting addition, a print bill. After that, you would need even more cash for list acquisition, mailing expenses, as well as other enormous expenses to get this shiny new magazines to the newsstand. Still, in the end, most of those copies you spent so much capital and effort producing find their way to the shredder.The term that come to mind is “bleeder.” Back in the day of print only publications, this was the term used to describe the unfortunate circumstance of publications revenues (ad/subscription/newsstand) falling far below production costs. Basically, you were marked with an unavoidable fate. Amazing how many tried and tried until the bitter end, only to discover what they knew in the first three months was actually correct. Publishers today can circumvent that costly “doomed to fail” model of the past and go direct to the consumer through the internet. Smart phones, tablets, and readers have now emerged as a preferred method of distribution. The best part, no paper and no ink.Even better, when you put your content online, you immediately access data, through your analytics, of behavior patterns within that content. In short, you are conducting a de-facto perceptual study. Eureka! Now you know what content your gathering and publishing is the most compelling to your reader. This is very valuable to your advertisers and allows you to better position messages in banner ads on their behalf.It is even possible to take the top ten-percent (10%) of your content and layer it all into an annual printed copy that your sure has strong interest in the market. How many magazines can launch their first printed edition knowing that every story/editorial/pictorial will be popular? Covers, contests, and promotions can also benefit from the knowledge gained through retrospective analytics. For instance, you will know exactly what image was most viewed online. Maybe that is your cover shot? Picking the right cover shot can take a lot of time and effort due to the subjective opinions of a small group. With a large data sampling from your online edition, you know almost exactly what that perfect shot will look like.In short, the advent of digital editions has removed large financial barriers into the publishing space, while at the same time helping publishers and editors better understand their audiences interest and spending patterns to the best benefit of their advertisers.